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Neck Massager PRO

or 4 interest-free payments of $23 bi-weekly with PayBrightLearn more*All-round support: high and low wave surface design, close to the shoulder and neck curve, effectively absorb the neck pressure, evenly apply pressure points, give enough support protection, comfortable tilting left and right.*Two-way clip-on massage: deeper pressing, using the techniques of grasping, rubbing and pinching to cover the deep massage, alleviating the combination of soreness and pain, and kneading the layer.*3~5 seconds slow rebound memory cotton: After repeated soft and hard sleep detection, use 50D density memory cotton to ensure the support of head and neck during sleep, and ensure softness and flexibility during sleep. Sleep posture change.*Deep muscle relaxer: add intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that helps reduce tightness and improve flexibility. Get the ultimate comfort by using kneading mode, it will help relax your muscles even more and deliver the best therapeutic deep tissue massage, leaving you revitalized and free of pain.

*Wide range of applications: shiatsu neck can be used for office, vehicle and home and it's perfect to use on your neck, shoulder. It will effectively soothe achey muscles and relieve stiffness in the neck, shoulder.